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Want To Sell / some surplus gear available - trying to pay off my CIE tuition
« Last post by kc8gpd on June 01, 2015, 11:43:40 AM »
I have completed and passed my Cleveland Institute of Electronics - Broadcast Engineering Course 2 recently with either an upper C or lower B average. CIE has not confirmed my actual grade yet.

I still owe $1270.00 on my tuition and can't get my degree until it is paid
off. on my very limited fixed income I can only afford to throw $50.00 / mo.
at it. it has taken me a year and a half to complete the course and in that
time have only paid off a little over $400.00 @ the rate of $50.00/mo. to
help pay my tuition I have a list of surplus gear I am selling. please
consider purchasing some gear if you see something that you can use. I also
have a gofundme page @ if you just wish to help a fellow budding engineer
cover his tuition. you can contact me via PM. reply here, or at if you wish to buy some gear or just make a contribution to my tuition fund.

the following is a current list of my available gear. please pass this
around. there has to be many people in this great country who can use this

1 - 0-30 watt continuously adjustable FM Stereo Agile 88-108 MHz Transmitter 1RU Rack mount - $600.00

1 - 0-1 Watt continuously adjustable Compact FM Stereo Transmitter, Agile 88-108 MHz with antenna and power supply - $110.00

1 - Belar SCM-1 SCA Modulation Monitors $50.00 ea.

1- Belar FMS-1 FM Stereo Mod Monitor $150.00

1 - Belar FMM-1 FM Mod Monitor $250.00

1 - Delta ASM-1 CQuAM AM Stereo Mod Monitor $750.00

1 - RCA off air FM RF Amp tuned to 107.5 $250.00

1 - McMartin TBM - 4500A FM Stereo Mod Monitor $200.00

1 - Mosely AMR-1 AM Modulation monitor $150.00

1 - TFT 724A FM Stereo Mod Monitor $150.00

1 - TFT 730A SCA Mod Monitor $50.00

3 - Digigram PCX440NP Balanced I/O PCI Audio Card $150.00 for all 3 shipped

1 - 16 channel pc controlled Relay card fits PCI slot $75.00 shipped conus

2 - Kenwood TKR-820 UHF Repeaters (GMRS/Ham) $200.00 ea.

3 - Motorola Maxtrac / Radius UHF Mobiles (GMRS) (Can Program) $150.00 for

all 3

1 - of the following sold as a set.

Belar FMS-2
Belar FMM-1
Belar FMM4a
Belar SCM-1
Belar RFA-1 on 98.5 $1200.00 obo

1 - SSTRAN AMT5000 part 15 AM 100mW in rangemaster style outdoor enclosure
$375.00 Shipped ConUS

pictures of everything available

USPS Money Order, Check Business or Personal (must clear), or Cash with
local pickup (Denver, CO Metro Area)

unless otherwise noted prices do not include shipping

i am willing to make some deals on a lot of the higher priced gear, please
make a reasonable counter offer

Thank you,
Want To Sell / Re: all my gear is slowly going to ebay
« Last post by kc8gpd on February 20, 2015, 06:47:58 PM »
some of the items that didn't sell first go around have been relisted. sorry i can't lower the prices. between ebay final value fee's and paypal fee's and shipping they eat about 20-30% of each the listed prices are really as low as i can go and still make something on the item(s)
Want To Sell / all my gear is slowly going to ebay
« Last post by kc8gpd on February 10, 2015, 04:09:13 PM »
See all my listings here. i am slowly uploading all my gear previously listed here to ebay.
Want To Sell / Low Power AM Broadcast Station Package
« Last post by kc8gpd on December 31, 2014, 05:23:40 PM »
I have a ready to get on the air FCC Part 15 Legal Low Power AM Broadcast Station, good for neighborhood broadcasting up to 2 miles.

comes with the following

1) Behringer UBB-1002 10ch Mixer
1) Dell P4, with monitor, keyboard, and mouse, running win xp media center edition (not shippable)
1) Chez Procaster FCC Part 15 Legal Low Power AM Broadcast Transmitter (Retails for $695.00 New)
1) HHb Radius 40 single channel Audio Processor (Retails for over $1000.00 new)
1) Digigram PCX440np Balanced line audio cards with 1 breakout cable (no connectors)(Cards work in Xp, 98, 95, only, maybe work in linux although not supported)

(some items pictured are not included, only what is listed above)
(No Connecting Audio Cables Included)

Get a nearly complete certified part 15 am low power broadcast station setup for the cost of a single certified transmitter.

Asking $1000.00 for all.

Pictures here

Want To Sell / Christmas Blow out Sale
« Last post by kc8gpd on December 23, 2014, 06:30:56 PM »
Want To Sell / Re: have some surplus broadcast equipment available (Denver)
« Last post by kc8gpd on May 26, 2014, 10:03:49 AM »
pic's of everything i have available has been posted to drop box. added more not listed here. HQ pic's 8mp and 12mp highly detailed.
Want To Sell / Re: have some surplus broadcast equipment available (Denver)
« Last post by kc8gpd on May 25, 2014, 12:51:54 PM »
Want To Sell / have some surplus broadcast equipment available (Denver)
« Last post by kc8gpd on May 21, 2014, 07:58:46 AM »
here is a list of the surplus equipment I have.

Autogram AC-8, 8ch solid state broadcast console built in usa with some
spare parts, company still in business and iirc board is still supported by
company pdf of manual available at Autogram website board is in excellent
condition and has been well cared for I am aware of a couple loose
connections on the main and audition program bus amplifier cans (probably
octal socket and likely an easy fix) that could use attention but that is
all that I am aware of with this board. $1000.00 obo

HHb Radius 40 profession broadcast grade microphone processor $400.00 obo

MXL model 990 Studio microphone in carry case with shock mount $100.00 obo

Trans Oceanic R-1000 AM only general coverage short wave receiver. needs a
little TLC. had a leak in battery compartment, needs a new dial cord strung
is currently untested for power on. internal electronics (except battery
compartment) appear in good shape. asking $125.00 obo

12dbi 900 (902-928) mhz omni directional fiberglass base antenna brand new unused $60.00

NTSC 2kW Ch39 TV Transmitter $600obo

LPB LA-1 am broadcast linear on low band $400.00 obo

pics available on request.

I will trade the Trans oceanic R-1k, the HHb R-40, and the MXL 990 or the TV Transmitter or the LA-1 to a
symetrix 528e processor and Sennheiser MD-421u microphone combo.

all gear is located in Lakewood, co near Hamden Ave (285) and Wadsworth

Thank You


Want To Buy / equipment donations for 501c3
« Last post by kc8gpd on February 06, 2014, 07:24:07 AM »
Hi Everyone

I got the green light to start soliciting donations for studio and computer equipment. a tax receipt can be supplied for tax write off. Summit Center 3810 Pierce St. Wheat ridge, Co 80033 phone: 303-432-5800 is presently seeking donations of studio and broadcast gear. we are needing but not limited to, a simple single position Studio Desk, 6ft Racks, Modulation monitoring for am and fm, off air and EAS monitors, Older pre cap EAS box will be fine, on air / production board, studio and air chain processing, automation and audition computers, microphones, mic processors, mic booms and mounts, transmitters, carrier current coupler, scrap studio wiring and xlr connectors, leaky coax, and anything you can think we may need that I have left out. they are starting from scratch and are building a broadcast training facility  for summit center to train people how to be DJ's and engineers. we will start out as a part 15.239, 15.219, 15.221 station and as interest goes will look in the future to add a class A non comm license. you can contact me at 730-338-3020 and lv. msg. and I will return your call or you can contact summit center directly.

Thank You,
Robert P. Chrysafis
Part 15 Engineer, Denver, Co

here is a description of what summit center is...

summit center is based on the fountain house in NYC, NY

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