Author Topic: some surplus gear available - trying to pay off my CIE tuition  (Read 1293 times)


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I have completed and passed my Cleveland Institute of Electronics - Broadcast Engineering Course 2 recently with either an upper C or lower B average. CIE has not confirmed my actual grade yet.

I still owe $1270.00 on my tuition and can't get my degree until it is paid
off. on my very limited fixed income I can only afford to throw $50.00 / mo.
at it. it has taken me a year and a half to complete the course and in that
time have only paid off a little over $400.00 @ the rate of $50.00/mo. to
help pay my tuition I have a list of surplus gear I am selling. please
consider purchasing some gear if you see something that you can use. I also
have a gofundme page @ if you just wish to help a fellow budding engineer
cover his tuition. you can contact me via PM. reply here, or at if you wish to buy some gear or just make a contribution to my tuition fund.

the following is a current list of my available gear. please pass this
around. there has to be many people in this great country who can use this

1 - 0-30 watt continuously adjustable FM Stereo Agile 88-108 MHz Transmitter 1RU Rack mount - $600.00

1 - 0-1 Watt continuously adjustable Compact FM Stereo Transmitter, Agile 88-108 MHz with antenna and power supply - $110.00

1 - Belar SCM-1 SCA Modulation Monitors $50.00 ea.

1- Belar FMS-1 FM Stereo Mod Monitor $150.00

1 - Belar FMM-1 FM Mod Monitor $250.00

1 - Delta ASM-1 CQuAM AM Stereo Mod Monitor $750.00

1 - RCA off air FM RF Amp tuned to 107.5 $250.00

1 - McMartin TBM - 4500A FM Stereo Mod Monitor $200.00

1 - Mosely AMR-1 AM Modulation monitor $150.00

1 - TFT 724A FM Stereo Mod Monitor $150.00

1 - TFT 730A SCA Mod Monitor $50.00

3 - Digigram PCX440NP Balanced I/O PCI Audio Card $150.00 for all 3 shipped

1 - 16 channel pc controlled Relay card fits PCI slot $75.00 shipped conus

2 - Kenwood TKR-820 UHF Repeaters (GMRS/Ham) $200.00 ea.

3 - Motorola Maxtrac / Radius UHF Mobiles (GMRS) (Can Program) $150.00 for

all 3

1 - of the following sold as a set.

Belar FMS-2
Belar FMM-1
Belar FMM4a
Belar SCM-1
Belar RFA-1 on 98.5 $1200.00 obo

1 - SSTRAN AMT5000 part 15 AM 100mW in rangemaster style outdoor enclosure
$375.00 Shipped ConUS

pictures of everything available

USPS Money Order, Check Business or Personal (must clear), or Cash with
local pickup (Denver, CO Metro Area)

unless otherwise noted prices do not include shipping

i am willing to make some deals on a lot of the higher priced gear, please
make a reasonable counter offer

Thank you,