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More BS
« on: February 27, 2013, 06:25:32 AM »
So how many out there are buying into the latest BS from BS...or more commonly known as Obama?

Anyone remember the last time he told you that the world will end and that jobs will be lost and industry would shut down and the sky would fall if the bail out did not happen?

Now shake the head and rattle those rocks up there so it triggers the right memory cell and think hard!

Even though the bail out went through and billions got funneled overseas at OUR expense, we lost jobs, industry and the climate change is our fault!

Now he expects you dummies to believe the same BS all over again.

When are you lame lazy f*#&'s going to wake the hell up and throw this idiot out of office and get rid of all of the bankster gangsters up on the hill...till your on the street corner holding a cardboard sign saying will work for food in your birthday suit?

Shawn H. said it best..America IS in fact..stupid!

And though I think Rush L. is bumbling butt too, he also got it right...America is stupid.

Most of you are so stupid you believe that removing all guns from everyone will keep criminals from getting guns! You believe that removing 100 round clips will save children! You believe that an elephant can hang over a cliff by it's trunk tied to a daisy. You believe that your savior has done such a wonderful job that you will believe anything the crook says.

How many more times do you need the pooch screwed before you all realize your being pooched?!!

Believe the smiles, the waves, the straight faced lies and tall tales. You already do anyway. If you believed something would be DOING something else!!

Like tossing this fake out the nearest airlock along with all his other groupies and put an end to the merry-go-round and round going nowhere ride.

Either be a true American and fight for what is right, or cower down and shut the F up and let them continue to chip away at your life.

Politics exists for only one control others.

How do you like being controlled? The polls show most love to be led by the nose holding hands and jumping off that cliff. All together now.....LEAP!

Don't worry, your savior will tell you the parachute will open by itself. He just neglected to tell you to put it on, but in your minds, it will magically morph on your back and save your asses.

Keep believing, your doing just fine! :p