Author Topic: A Puzzling Repeating Puzzling Habit  (Read 1721 times)

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A Puzzling Repeating Puzzling Habit
« on: December 29, 2012, 10:56:13 AM »
Here is something to ponder. Why is it when those who live in areas of yearly winter snow storms where snow piles up several inches high and more, where roads ice up and become slick, where power utility lines get knocked down by ice, act like it's the first time they ever experienced and been through it?

One example is how those folks drive their vehicles way too fast on those icy slick roads, and slip and slide crashing into parked vehicles and causing pile up's on the highways. Tip..though probably won't be given the attention and retention it deserves...SLOW DOWN!

Another is when the power goes out, they all stand in protest in front of their utility company buildings or city halls in the freezing weather waving signs demanding they want their power back..instead of being at home sitting next to the fire place or propane fueled camping stove wearing some warm clothing and roasting marshmallows and firing up the generators.

Why has it lately become so apparent that most people have no clue about basic survival techniques when the lights go out, or when the snow and ice build up, or when mother nature comes a calling to dump wind and rain on everyone's perfect dependence day?

Imagine what would happen if the power grids, cell phones and store shelves really do shut down and become empty for a long period of time due to some extreme a super CME or EMP attack, or far worse mother nature weather attack than Sandy or Katrina...or worse...a war resulting in a nuclear winter.

Has the populations in those areas become so dependent upon convenience that basic survival techniques like something as simple as applying camping practices to stay warm, keet fed and sheltered, is completely out of touch and out the window?

Perhaps that is why there are all those FEMA camps? To round up the hapless running around like chickens with their heads cut off to spoon feed and cloth and shelter them, and not for what is touted by the conspiracy entrepreneur/s that those camps are to hord up just anyone at will.

My advice to those unaware of self sufficiency...go camping for one weekend without your cell phones and laptops and GPS's and iPads or anything else other than basic camping tools and equipment. Learn how simple it is, and quite enjoyable, to experience self reliance without having to rely on a virtual umbilical cord that can get severed when you least expect it!

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